ServeRDU Week // August 11-17, 2019

ServeRDU Week is an opportunity to celebrate and catalyze year-round service at the Summit and recognize the excellent work of our partner organizations. Since 2005, we’ve dedicated a full week each year to pray for our city, serve with our partners, and connect with our marginalized neighbors.

This year’s theme is “Do Justice From a Heart of Mercy,” based on Micah 6:8. We believe that loving our city is a year-round commitment to advocate for and serve our neighbors as we model Christ in our actions and relationships. Our hope is that ServeRDU is a gateway for every member of the Summit to live on mission all year long in their communities.

Prayer is not preparation for the ministry; prayer is the ministry.

Prayer is the primary critical success factor for anything we do. If we desire to see God’s kingdom advance in our world, then everything we do is contingent on prayer. Join us as we walk and pray at strategic places and ask God to bless our city, save the lost, and demonstrate our mission to love God, love each other, and love our world.

Campus Prayer Nights


Sunday, August 12
5 p.m.
Hawfields Middle School

Brier Creek

Tuesday, August 7
6:30 p.m.
Brier Creek Campus

Blue Ridge

Tuesday, August 7
6:30 p.m.
Blue Ridge Campus


Sunday, August 12
6:30 p.m.
Apex Campus

Chapel Hill

Tuesday, August 14
6:15 p.m.
Waypoint Church

Downtown Durham

Tuesday, August 14
6:30 p.m.

North Durham

Monday, August 13
6:15 p.m.
Braggtown Baptist Church

North Raleigh

Wednesday, August 8
6:00 p.m.
North Raleigh Campus


Summit en Español

Thursday, August 9
7:00 p.m.
Summit en Español Campus
Brier Creek


We serve because Christ first served us.

His example of love and service is what we, by the power of the Holy Spirit, desire to model to our communities. We believe that our city will not be transformed by simple volunteerism but by people who have experienced the radical saving grace of Jesus who, in response, radically love their marginalized neighbors through sacrificial service and gospel proclamation.

Service Projects | Choose Your Campus Below

During ServeRDU Week, members from all Summit campuses will serve their neighborhoods, schools, and communities through opportunities that wouldn’t be possible without a lot of willing volunteers. Use the list below to find an opportunity through your campus, and don’t forget to invite a friend, neighbor, or One to serve with you!

Who’s Your One?

Our prayer is that ServeRDU week would not only be the beginning of a year-round lifestyle of service but also an opportunity to model and share the gospel of Jesus Christ. Consider inviting your One to serve alongside you or building a relationship with a new One through your serving opportunity.

Gospel Conversations

As we love our neighbors during ServeRDU Week, our prayer is that we will have opportunities for gospel conversations. When those opportunities arise, we want to be prepared to listen well and, when the Spirit leads, to share our stories. We’ve provided several resources below to help you.

ServeRDU: Do Justice From a Heart of Mercy

ServeRDU is more than one week of service; it’s a year-round ministry that represents all of the Summit’s efforts to pray, serve, and connect with our city through our community development and outreach initiatives. ServeRDU teams connect to our marginalized neighbors and community organizations through relationships, partnerships, and collaborations.

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